Back-Up Wii Games Using Game Copy Software

Imagine the scene, your children are bored and they would like to play on the Wii. No trouble, except that Jimmy want to play his soccer game while Rosie desires to play Pet Island or something. A fight begins, and fairly soon phonograph records are being thrown around the room. The next thing you realize, a scene of carnage is left and both the soccer game and Rosie's creature experience are lying in pieces on the ground. Sound far fetched? Well, its not because that is basically what happened to me, and I will let you know, its an expensive lesson.

The difficulty with Wii games is that the disks are very easily damaged. Tacky juice, scrapes and yes, even tumultuous children can all finish in a expensive broken phonograph record. FIFA 17 hack So, why not just make a backup of your original onto a clean disc and use that instead. All things considered, if it gets broken then you simply spend $1 or so to replace it?

Well, the problem is that all Wii games discs are copy protected, so you cant just pop them into your notebook or home PC and make a a quick copy. That's, unless you've got some specialised game copying applications. The problem is that the manufacturers do not want you making lots of copies to give to your friends, they desire to sell these things, and quite right too. However, if you have purchased the game then you should at least be able to protect your investment.

In any case, this game copying software can be found as a digital download direct in the net. To back-up Wii games all you need to do is merely put the original in the drive and click the green button to create an image of it on your own PC hard drive. Then you definitely swap the first audio CD for a clean one and burn the image file to the clean. The entire process involves a couple of mouse clicks and just takes about thirty minutes roughly.

In fact anything that on an optical disc can be back-up up in no time at all.

Dont risk your originals, get some replicating applications and back up your game and movie library, its a lot cheaper that buying Rosie a replacement copy.